Hide and seek, El Escondite

I prefer not to play hide and seek

Yet I succumb to you, your churlish tantrums

Playing in bright mid-morning sadness

Shadows waltzing to an unsettling music;

Your gaze on my flushed cheeks

And mine, on your eyelashes tipped with pollen dust.


Of all that was,

This is what I recall, uncertain whether dream or reality:

Golden-faced youth, sun glinting off high cheekbones

An aesthetic flirtation with life, its blessings and blasphemes.

My eyes cloud over at dusk,

And I mutter a prayer to the sun splayed out like an egg yolk on a blue platter of sky.

I know I will see you tomorrow, a certitude as fragile as my cracked windowpane.


They warn me I am unreasonably optimistic.

Reason is relinquished, but not thoughts.

Time may not be our accomplice, but Imagination could be a confidante.

Misery and mirth have made a home in my heart. Why don’t you, too?



˜ Traducción al español : Spanish translation ˜



El escondite no es mi juego preferido

Y aún lo eliges, bastante egoísta

Jugando entre sombras coquetas

Echándome una ojeada a mis mejillas enrojecidas

Mi mirada embelesada por tus pestañas

En las cuales se posa una capa de polen.


Así nos recuerdo, así sí,

Hijos del sol

El que se hunde tal como tu imagen

En el cielo azul índigo.

No me preocupo por eso

Porque ya sé que mañana tu visión saldrá otra vez

Justo antes de que salga el sol dorado

Mientras yo recoja lágrimas caídas.


Igual que tú,

Quisiera romper con la razón rigurosa y agotadora

‘Yo quisiera’ digo…

El tiempo no se haga nuestro cómplice

Pero la imaginación sí, lo es.

Ven, acompáñame y soñemos juntos.


©Devika Pandit 2020



2 thoughts on “Hide and seek, El Escondite

  1. Hello Devika, so good to come back to your blog after some time. Been very busy lately and have almost no time for wordpress. First of all, thank you for checking out my last poem, a narrative one, very different from this lyrical lines of yours here. I love each and every verse of this piece. Also, I like that you have included both languages. Beautiful work! Congrats! = Un treball preciós! Felicitats! (in Catalan). Are you still learning this language?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hola Marta! Espero que estiguis molt bé 🙂
      It’s lovely to hear from you again. Thank you for stopping by, m’alegro que t’agradi!
      I’ve been busy too, and regretfully haven’t been a dedicated student of Catalan. However, I hope someday to be conversationally fluent.
      Would love to read more of your work.
      Que tinguis un dia preciós, una abraçada 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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